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What is a TrOb?

Trob is the acronym for "transitional object".

The transitional object is a "magical" object capable of containing feelings, returning new energy along your life path.

This is the magic of the Trob.

It accompanies and supports you during a change, it is an object that holds the possibility of returning, leaving or stopping every time you contact it, allowing you to find peace and a sense of security.

English research has shown that many adults sleep with their Trob (a teddy bear, for example).

Even if we have now grown, the value of a Trob does not decrease.

A Trob for us adults can be an object that gives us security and comfort.

The painting that you carry around in your thousands of removals, the bracelet given to you by that special person and that you never remove, a song that always accompanies you, the cup in which you drink your herbal tea at the same time ...

The TrObs of the greats
Origin of the transitional object (TrOb)

Theorized by Donald Winnicott, the transitional object theory (TROB) deals with the development of the human being in the very early stages of life and explores the stage in which the child makes use of something that belongs to the outside world to begin with. the detachment from the world in which he and his mother are still one. This object ferries him in the transition protecting him from the anguish of detachment.

"This beloved object - sometimes nothing more than the teddy bear or the satin edge of a blanket - is for the child a magical representation of the happy environment in which he was fused with his mother." Taken from the book "Game and Reality" by Donald W. Winnicot

Characteristics of a TrOb

- it can be given as a gift by someone or chosen by us for what it reminds us

- it is a "magical" object

- is part of a ritual

- is an object that symbolizes something or someone

- has an enormous emotional value for us (we feel lost in losing it)

- we can leave him without suffering (and this happens when he has done his work and we no longer need it)

- we will never forget it

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